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"אני נותן שירות, אני נותן תרומה לקהילה. אני יורד למטה לרחוב ורואה אוטו עומד עם שני הגלגלים על המדרכה כך שאי אפשר להעביר עגלת תינוק. להיות אדיש? אז אני משאיר איזה סימן על האוטו שמזכיר לבעל המכונית שהוא שכח שיש עוד בני אדם. להתעלם מרוע? מהתנהגות מגעילה? אני לא מכיר אופציה כזאת."

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"כשאתה מסתכל על התוצאה, אתה מבין שלא יכול להיות שזה קרה מעצמו. לא יכול להיות שלא ישב שם מישהו וחשב על זה. אני לא אומר שהמדריך הזה נמצא בכספת של אגף המבצעים במשרד הביטחון, אבל הוא קיים בראש של הרבה אנשים שיצרו את הדבר הזה."

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״Executed with utmost focus, the film dispenses with cinematic rhetoric to present its case directly and to sobering effect… this is essential viewing for anyone who seeks enlightenment on the complexities and impasses of Middle East conflict.״

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״It will become difficult from now on to maintain a serious debate on the Israeli-Arab conflict that does not go through “The First 54 Years...”, by Avi Mograbi.״

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What makes the film superbly touching is its sober tone, without ever an excess of indignation or a rhetorical flaw…It is a film that makes us understand how cinema can have a fundamental function in documenting the horrors of history.

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"This is the cinema you need to open your eyes to a world that loves to be blind."

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"A first-class film…"


"This timely doc from Israeli director Avi Mograbi examines Israel’s occupation of Palestine. It’ll make a handy primer for anyone keen to dig behind the headlines, with testimonies from occupying soldiers and an unsparing snapshot of a human rights catastrophe."


"By assuming a weary, faux real-politik tone, Mograbi thus creates a distanced, semi-Brechtian framework. Seen through such a lens, political violence can’t hide behind disjointed or nebulous historical circumstance; instead, it reveals its own pernicious design."

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״Israeli filmmaker Avi Mograbi contextualises testimonies from former soldiers in the Occupied Territories into an intriguing and insightful documentary.״

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"On the one hand, the film is a documentary of investigation and factual reconstruction, consisting of a series of testimonies from former soldiers. And on the other, a sort of practical anti-philosophy of occupation, administered by a character played by Avi himself who, like a sort of modern Machiavelli..."

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"Avi Mograbi uses the eye of the camera to investigate the reality and colonial logic behind it through the testimonies of the military involved. Interesting and surprising."

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"…one of the names of the 'local cinema whose political dissent with the established power is more visible and 'effervescent."

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"Hopefully no one will seriously put into practice what Avi Mograbi is offering us from the living room armchair: a brief guide to the military occupation."

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"In a direct way, without curious twists and turns, the Israeli director delivers another of his fiercely critical glances at the political logic of his country."

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"The result is a meticulous and merciless portrait, with an elementary narrative structure and a clear sense of both didactic and denunciation."

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״…it is an ingenious proposal to capture a very forceful criticism…״

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